Welcome to the Northwest Viking Alliance, Inc., an alliance of many Viking and pre Viking age reenactment, living history, and experimental archaeology groups in WA State, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, Canada. The time period in which we recreate is from the fall of Rome though the Viking age in Scandinavia, Germania, and Anglo-Saxon England.  We are an educuational organization which teaches the public through demonstrations.  

The Northwest Viking Alliance is a Viking and pre Viking age living history group rooted in academic research. We do not espouse any particular faith or world view. We have no interest in racist or political ideology and emphatically distance ourselves from such views.  We are here for the enjoyment of all, regardless of ethnic and cultural affiliation, faith or gender.

As reenactors, living historians, and experimental archaeologists, we strive to work together to provide authentic representations of  daily life from the era.  To accomplish this, we provide demonstrations in historical settings where crafting is shown through the use of tools and methods of the time. We do demonstrations of fighting in historical kit using steel weapons. We currently participate in, or organize over a dozen demos a year.  The venues include such places as the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard WA, Poulsbo Viking Fest, Sons and Daughters of Norway, Pacific Lutheran University as well as various other festivals.

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you enjoy our site.