NWVA~Alliance Steel Fighters

The NWVA (Northwest Viking Alliance) Steel fighting group presents themselves in a historically accurate manner with the exception of a few safely items of gear which are neccessary. 

We are a steel weapons fighting group. Nothing is staged or choreographed. 

Participants train in and steel fight at their own risk. The NWVA is not responsible for any injuries from any participant steel fighting or training. 

Your participation in a steel fighting event is competitive and like all sports has a risk of physical injury and you fully accept responsibility for all such risks as a condition of participation.

There is a waiver to sign before every steel fighting event or practice.

Armoring minimum requirements For the NWVA Steel fighters.

All outerwear, armor, shields, and weapons with the exception of our few safety items will be of a historically accurate nature and conform to the time periods and regions that the NWVA represents.

Chain mail, a hidden lightly padded gambeson under a larger tunic, or  discretely padded tunic or caftan that is suitable for your impression.

Here is a link to acceptable visable padded Caftans and tunics to purchase or as an example.


Modern Padding such as Hex pads, Zoombang or the like are acceptable and will be worn underneath historical garments as to not be seen.

Low profile Kidney, Elbow, forearm, knee and shin protection. (suggest low profile rigid soccer shin and arm guards that can be hidden under pants.)

HEMA body, leg and arm protection also accepted.

Females must wear rigid chest protection.

Groin protection for everyone.

Helmet in Scandinavian early medieval style (suggest full camail for added protection)  Hidden bar grill on helmet face or high impact low profile eye goggles for safety. Helmets must be padded.

Rigid leather full gauntlet for sword hand (heavy leather and padded)

If you are not using a shield, ( For example if you are using a Dane Axe or spear )  you must have rigid leather full gauntlet protection on both hands.

Padded leather neck gorget is required if you do not have a full camail.


A lanyard shall be put on ALL weapons with the exception of a spear and Dane Axe. Before every fight. Steel weapons shall be inspected for cracks, chips, or weak spots in the metal. Loose parts etc.

Any sharp points must be ground or filed down. Any crack forming in the weapon will make it unusable.

Shields should be of appropriate size as has been found from grave examples.  All rivets must be pounded flat. No raised sharp surfaces. Shield must have a hide rim.  Any designs or coverings on shields should conform to historical examples only.

Regarding swords and weapons:

Swords and weapons must be made for steel combat and have a min of a 3mm blunt edge.

No intentional sword blocking.  The Hanwei and Tinker built stage combat blunt swords are not recommended for NWVA Steel fighting.